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In any criminal case in Whatcom County there will be requirements of the defendant imposed by both the court and possibly the Department of Licensing.  Some of these requirements may actually be more damaging and expensive than the criminal charge itself.  Many of these sanction are mandatory if convicted of particular crimes, such as driving under the influence, while others are discretionary.  Those sanctions that are discretionary must be avoided if possible, and one of the ways of avoiding discretionary penalties is understanding the expectations of the Judges and essentially, giving them what they want.

Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a horrifying experience.  A Whatcom County DUI will have long lasting repercussions and this is why you should call our Whatcom County DUI defense lawyers immediately. We are local criminal defense attorneys with more than 25 years of combined experience. We are here to help you! We understand that you may need to hire an attorney quickly so we offer competitive fees, lengthy payment plans, and low retainers. We offer affordable criminal defense.

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Whatcom County DUI defense lawyer David Jolly and his team of professional criminal defense attorneys will work with you to determine the best course of action for your specific case.  They will use their knowledge of Washington DUI laws, including newly passed legislation, and their extensive courtroom experience to create a successful DUI defense strategy. By creating reasonable doubt in the prosecuting attorney's argument, there is a chance of getting your charges reduced or your case dismissed.

Penalties for DUI
The extent of the penalties for drunk driving in Washington depends again on whether you were charged with DUI with a BAC above 0.15 (or a “refusal”) or less than 0.15.  Regardless of the apparent severity of your
Whatcom County DUI charge, you could be required to pay steep fines and court costs, perform community service, enroll in an alcohol education program and serve a jail sentence. You will also be placed on probation for as much as five (5) years.

A conviction for DUI in Bellingham would mean having a permanent criminal record. That could restrict you from traveling to Canada, keeping or finding employment, renting a vehicle, opening a credit account or applying for a home loan.  Despite all of these long term and costly penalties, you should not ignore the short term.  Specifically, the Judge may impose severe sanctions such as an ignition interlock device or even further jail at your very first court appearance.  More to the point, if you have a previous arrest for driving under the influence the Whatcom County Judge will order you to have installed an ignition interlock within 5 days of your court appearance and will require you to report immediately to the probation department.  This is one of many reasons why having a
Bellingham DUI defense lawyer by your side at the beginning is a smart decision.  It is also a reminder that preparation is the key to being successful in court.

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Bellingham DUI defense attorneys  at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly, you know that you are getting many years of experience, knowledge, and training on your side.  They have more than 20 years of experience in criminal law and the defense attorneys at the Firm conduct their own investigation for every client. Their objective in every case is to seek to uncover favorable evidence that will help your case. Our Whatcom County DUI attorneys are dedicated to vigorously fighting for you and ensuring that your rights are upheld. David Jolly also offers something that no other Bellingham DUI defense lawyer or any Bellingham criminal lawyer can offer, he is the author of 14 DUI and Traffic books so his knowledge of DUIs and how to defend them is unparalleled in Whatcom County. Finally, but importantly, David Jolly was a Prosecuting Attorney for nearly 4 years. During that 4 year period he tried more than 100 trials and never lost a DUI trial. This is why you need the Law Firm of David N. Jolly on your side if you were arrested for a Whatcom County DUI.

With over 25 years of criminal defense experience, we're dedicated to getting the very best result possible for each and every Whatcom County DUI client. It is vitally important you speak to an experienced Bellingham DUI defense lawyer immediately after your arrest. Whatcom County Courts may require you to appear in court as soon as the next day so be prepared. We can help!
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If you have been arrested for DUI in Whatcom County you have very little time to waste.  The policy of local law enforcement is to leave you in the Whatcom County jail following your arrest for DUI.  In Whatcom County you may then bail yourself out or wait until a Judge releases you the next day.

Following your release from custody you will be provided with a court date.  This court date will likely be within 48 hours of your release.  You must have a Whatcom County DUI defense lawyer with you at every court date and this is why you should contact one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Firm of David N Jolly. With more than 20 years of combined experience we are the Whatcom County DUI attorneys to call.

Our Bellingham DUI Law Firm takes great pride in client satisfaction.  We will do everything to ensure you have constant and accurate communication and our level or knowledge will give you the best chance of improving your court case and keeping your license.  We understand that your case is very important to you and as such take representing clients very seriously.  We also understand that legal counsel is not inexpensive so we offer competitive fees and flexible payment plans.  No other Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys can offer similar fees as we are the only multiple DUI law firm in Whatcom County.

Being charged with DUI in Whatcom County is a serious offense. You could be facing financial, legal and even social difficulties if you are found guilty of a Whatcom DUI charge.  Additionally, you could lose your driver's license, your auto insurance and your job. Whatcom County Washington DUI attorney David Jolly believes that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. Good people make mistakes and they are entitled to competent and professional representation to ensure that their rights are protected and that they realize the best result from their case.

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Absent a complete dismissal of the criminal charge probation is expected in any case. To make life easier complete the alcohol evaluation, ADIS class and DUI Victim Panel prior to completion of your case. As always follow the advise of your Bellingham DUI defense lawyer.

Whatcom Probation

ADIS Class

The Department of Licensing has the power to suspend your license following a conviction of DUI, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run Attended or Driving While License Suspended. If you have been arrested for DUI in Whatcom County be sure and apply for the DOL driver's hearing within 20 days of the arrest.

Sanctions from the DOL may include:

  • Driver License Suspension for no less than 90 days
  • An Ignition Interlock Device for no less than 1 year
  • SR 22 Insurance for no less than 3 years
  • An alcohol evaluation
  • The ADIS class
  • A fee to reinstate your license

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Following an alcohol evaluation the treatment center will diagnosis the individual as having an alcohol/drug problem, potentially have such a problem or having no problem with alcohol or drugs at all.  Even if no dependency is diagnosed the Whatcom County treatment center will recommend the individual attend one session of the eight-hour alcohol drug information school (ADIS class).  Simply think of the ADIS class being mandatory and it is wise to complete the class as soon as possible following your arrest. There are several ADIS classes offered in Whatcom County but first check with your Bellingham DUI Defense attorney for recommendations.

Alcohol Evaluations in Whatcom County

An arrest for driving under the influence may lead to many mandatory penalties and court sanctions. One of these requirements is the alcohol evaluation.  It is important to understand the entire process before obtaining an alcohol evaluation and that is why we strongly recommend all individuals first consult directly with talking with their DUI attorney.  Whatcom County Judges will demand you complete the alcohol drug evaluation and it is preferred you do so before the conclusion of your case.  The evaluation takes approximately two hours to complete and involves a self reporting questionnaire, a urinalysis and a face-to-face meeting.  Knowing how to answer the questions properly is important and again we emphasize discussing your evaluation in detail with your DUI lawyer.  Whatcom County has several alcohol evaluation treatment centers but going to the right place is as critical as all other preparation, so be sure and go to the facility recommended by your DUI attorney.  Whatcom County Courts and probation departments take the evaluation diagnosis seriously and therefore you should take the process seriously. To learn more about the alcohol evaluations download our free alcohol treatment handouts or give our Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys a call. 

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A DUI in Whatcom County may result in the need for an ignition interlock device. Such a need may occur at your first court date after the Judge orders you to have one on your vehicle.  You may also need one if convicted of DUI, pursue the deferred prosecution option or get an ignition interlock license.

Ignition Interlock Device

Whatcom County DUI Penalties and Sanctions

An arrest for DUI in Whatcom County will change your life. The Whatcom County DUI defense lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly understand what you are going through and want to help you during this difficult time.  Our objective is to fight your case aggressively yet being mindful of protecting you against serious license suspensions, significant jail and expensive probation.  We offer free books and free consultations.  Our criminal law office is conveniently located in downtown Bellingham and our experience and knowledge is what sets us apart.  Call our Whatcom County DUI Defense Attorneys today and give yourself a fighting chance.

The DUI Victim Panel is yet another mandatory requirement by the Court following your arrest for DUI. Whatcom County hosts a weekly DUI Victim Panel at the Courthouse. It is strongly advised that you phone ahead of time and reserve your place.  The information line is (360) 676-6724 extension 30699.  The cost of the panel is $50 and only cash is accepted. The DUI Victim Panel is two hours in length and the presenters tell how they and their families have been affected by DUI drivers.  The presentation is worthwhile and a valuable experience. Be certain to obtain proof of attendance and provide the document to your Whatcom County DUI defense lawyer.

The Whatcom County District Court and Bellingham Municipal Court Judges have tremendous power and wield that power over DUI Defendants on a daily basis.  The most obvious penalties that a Judge may impose on an individual is Jail.  If convicted of a Whatcom County DUI you must serve no less than one day in the Whatcom County Jail. Here is a list of penalties the Court will impose on a defendant if convicted of DUI:

  • Jail (at least one day)
  • Probation for 5 years (some of which may be "active/supervised")
  • Fees and Fines (thousands of dollars)
  • Alcohol evaluation, ADIS class or Treatment and DUI Victim Impact Panel
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